Self-Love Means Prioritize-You: How Can You Start? — On The Forum

Where it all accelerated

Understanding Self-Love

A couple of definitions

What does this mean?

Self-love = Choosing Actions That Serve Us

Why loving yourself is so important

Focusing on self-love is necessary

In your career / work

In your romantic relationships

In your other relationships

What happens when we don’t embrace self-love?

Self-Love and Self-Esteem

It’s a feedback mechanism

How can you start loving yourself more?

Look within at first

Trust yourself more

Take more risks

Embrace your mistakes

It’s an individual journey

Be mindful of your thoughts

Learn to accept that you’re alone

Don’t allow yourself to be inauthentic




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Angela Martinez

Angela Martinez

Teacher, traveler, and language learner. Writing about productivity, personal finances, life abroad, speaking another language.