I could not agree more. This article makes these women seem like helpless victims, which is not a great look by the way. I voted for Hillary Clinton, and do not particularly have an opinion about Trump. They are all just people, and like every person in the world, they have their way of thinking. Not everyone has to think like you or me. I am also an immigrant born in Latin America, and I understand that these issues are not all black and white, so let’s stop catastrophizing.

I also agree that all these problems the women started seeing in their men were probably all there before 2016. The fact that they could not see that their spouses / partners had these specific opinions is dumbfounding. Perhaps we need to get to know people better before we start committing to them.

It would serve them much more to stop victimizing themselves and to be more proactive.

Ugh! I am so annoyed when people play the victim, not because it affects me, but because they disempowers themselves as individual, giving themselves permission to stay stagnant despite the fact that we all have choices. Let’s stop blaming and start acting.

Maybe I am just too apathetic about politics in general to understand. Whatever.

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