Thinking about your budget, your mental health, and your environment is key

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You finally made the decision. You’ve seen enough videos about entrepreneurship and living abroad on YouTube, and you’ve decided that the best path going forward is to move abroad and work for yourself as a digital nomad. Great!

Living abroad is one of the most enriching experiences you can give yourself. You’ll discover new ways of living, grow from the challenges you’ll inevitably face, and gain new friendships and perspectives along your journey that will transform you.

On top of that, working for yourself, whether you’re an online teacher like me, or if you decide to start some sort of…

Gaining 40 pounds in 1 year has exhausted my body

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From Will Smith and his “dad bod”, to Jazz Jennings opening up about her increasing weight, and Valerie Bertinelli clapping back at trolls commenting on her shape on Instagram — weight gain has been one of the many problems we’ve been dealing with as a result of the pandemic.

And this has not been the case just for celebrities.

According to an article published in March 2021 by the American Psychological Association (APA), almost 42% of Americans reported they gained weight almost 1 year after the first lockdowns started happening.

This is not surprising given the stressful nature and uncertainty…

Just because they love you doesn’t mean they’ll support you…at first

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I was in high school the first time I dreamed about traveling abroad. My school was planning to send one of its students to France as part of an exchange. I was eager and applied, but ultimately lost out to another girl.

A bit over a decade later, I had achieved my dream of visiting France, and I had also lived in Mexico and Egypt.

In 2019, my passion for travel, languages, and culture led me to make a bold decision: I wanted to move and live outside of the U.S. …

And most of them are NOT about money

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There’s no such thing as a wasted experience. Even years at a “dreadful” job can teach us a lot. That’s how I feel about my time working at my state’s retirement board.

Though I wouldn’t call it a dreadful job, it was certainly not what I envisioned for myself after coming back to the U.S. from Egypt in 2017.

If you’ve read some of my other pieces, you’ll know that I had tons of debt at the time, and had no idea what to do with my life careerwise. …

What I finally realized once I “mentally” left the nest

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November 2017 was one of the many turning points in my 20's. I was 27 years old and had just returned from studying abroad in Egypt, with $40,000 plus of student loan and credit card debt in tow, and an incomplete Master’s Degree that I had no idea what to do with.

All I knew then was that my mental health had been deteriorating for a while, and that being in my comfort zone — with my mom, grandmother, and other family members nearby— was what I needed to feel better.

A large part of my stress came from the…

It’s ok to change your mind and let go of perfection

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It was during one of my many Christmas vacations in the Dominican Republic, my place of birth, that I remember explaining to someone for the first time what I wanted to do as a career.

We were cruising along Santo Domingo’s “Malecon,” on the familiar one-hour plus car trip from the capital’s airport to my grandmother’s home in Bani. The intense sun was sparkling on the Caribbean sea despite it being December.

I was about seven months out of college, and my insecurities about post-grad life were at a peak. …

Tips to get started teaching English online in the next few weeks

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Over the past few years, there has been an increase in the number of people working remotely all over the world. This has been exacerbated by the COVID pandemic which impacted our economies, increased unemployment, and produced a greater number of online work opportunities.

This has led to an understanding that remote work will soon be the norm.

While 2020 may be considered the year of remote work, it is just the beginning as we see the trend continuing in 2021.

Whether it's the global pandemic, a need for additional income, or the desire to have more flexibility in our…

Massive action and learning from mistakes might be the best solution.

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Ever since I left the U.S. to live abroad in November 2019, I knew I wanted to live differently.

Working as an administrative assistant for more than two years left me feeling like an aimless zombie.

Almost two years later, rather than an aimless zombie, I am more of a paralyzed worrywart. As one of my friends often jokes; I’m a girl with ‘first world problems.’

At a time when almost eight billion people cover this earth, when a global pandemic has changed our life as we know it, and when everyone wants to be a freelancer or influencer, the…

Because building wealth starts with taking control of your money

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Learning how to create a budget is a skill we should all learn. It helps us keep track of our spending and achieve our financial goals.

Believe it or not, managing your money is about three. simple. things: knowledge, discipline and patience. And by knowledge I mean basic math.

A personal budget is a practical tool you use to keep track of how much money comes in each month and how much you spend. It allows you to tell your money what to do.

Why is it important to have a budget?

There are SO MANY REASONS why keeping a budget is helpful:

  • To ensure you have enough…

As long as I was awake, negative thoughts permeated every minute of the day.

It was the middle of March 2016, and the nervousness had taken it’s toll. Surprisingly, it was an old washing machine that did it. A constant headache, for sure. However, it was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

When the machine busted, something inside me became unhinged. The tears poured out unapologetically.

When The Negative Thoughts Outweigh The Positive Ones

Enlightened moments are few and far in between. That day in March, for the first time in my entire life, I realized something was wrong.

Looking back four years later, I’ve learned…

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